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Zoomlion Global Release of All-New VI Raises International Brand Image

Zoomlion Global Release of All-New VI Raises International Brand Image 19.06.2015

On June 19, Zoomlion, the world's leading equipment manufacturer, unveiled to the world its all-new VI (visual identity) in the art capital of the world, Milan, Italy. The VI series consists of a new set of standard colors – cobalt gray, gravel gray, and aurora green, which fully reflect the company's ethos of pursuing a better life as well as its strength in green manufacturing and of its global brand. People at the launch commented that the new VI has a more modern, open, and inclusive design language that raises Zoomlion's international brand image.

The new VI, composed of three colors – cobalt gray, gravel gray, and aurora green, was created by the renowned industrial design team at Italian company Zagato, based on being from "the perspective of the Earth" (the Earth's axis and the ecliptic plane are at a 66.5° angle). Cobalt gray is one of the new VI elements. It is a rich metallic gray as bright as the stars, with a solid and heavy feel, regarded as the background of the universe. Symbolizing urban civilization, gravel gray is another of the VI elements. Gravel is a natural construction material gifted to man by nature. Future generations can build their dreams using gravel the same way Zoomlion products can help people realize their dreams. The most striking new VI element is aurora green. Aurora is a natural light phenomenon that can be seen near the latitudes of 67° north and south. In many countries, aurora green is auspicious and represents vitality and growth.

The new VI also reinterprets the Zoomlion logo. In English "Zoomlion" means "roaring lion," and in the new VI design, in addition to drawing inspiration from the universe and the phenomena of nature, this concept is incorporated and reflected in the new "Z" logo. The abstract image of a lion has been cleverly integrated with the letter "Z," and it has been made to look three-dimensional. "Compared to the original logo, this change better reflects and conveys the meaning," Delfino Corti said. As for the significance of "the angle of the Earth", Delfino Corti explained, "In both the font and the supporting graphics you can see that the angle is of special significance. 66.5° is the angle of the Earth's axis, and it shows that we think about business and products from the Earth's perspective and give consideration to the future of business and products in order to promote product upgrading, lead transformational change within the industry, and ultimately create a better life."

Delfino Corti's words earned warm applause from those present.

In 2000, Zoomlion officially released its first VI, which is the now-familiar blue and white design. The calm and wise "technology blue" was the creation of the Zoomlion Research Institute.

The blue and white combination witnessed Zoomlion's rapid development and carried the equipment manufacturer to numerous accomplishments and glories. Zoomlion's increasing multi-culturalism and organic integration of other influences have laid the foundations of change to its brand image and visual identity. As Delfino Corti put it, "The old saying goes, 'Green comes from and excels blue.' The old 'technology blue' VI represents 22 years of Zoomlion achievements, of which we are very proud. The 'aurora green' of the new VI is not just a visual color change, but is a tribute to our past glories and achievements!"

The new VI also reflects the new significance of intelligent manufacturing." Zoomlion Senior President Zhang Jianguo said at the launch of the company's new VI, "Intelligent manufacturing will inject new vitality and growth into the equipment manufacturing industry. The new VI changes the external image of Zoomlion products, but it is the intelligence underneath that is the essence of innovation."