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Zoomlion Finance Co., Ltd. Formally Established

Zoomlion Finance Co., Ltd. Formally Established 17.06.2015

On June 15, the opening ceremony of Zoomlion Finance Co., Ltd. took place in the Construction Machinery Hall of Zoomlion's Lugu Industrial Park. Many guests attended the ceremony to witness the founding of the Finance Company. The founding of the Finance Company marks an acceleration in the global development of Zoomlion's emerging sectors – environmental and agricultural machinery – by strengthening the integration of the company's production and finance capabilities and through transformation and upgrading.

Zoomlion Finance Co., Ltd. is a non-bank financial institution approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission that aims to create diversified financing platforms and products to provide fund management services to Zoomlion Group member units and build financing platforms for the industrial development of Zoomlion.

Ms Du Yigang, General Manager of Zoomlion Finance Co., Ltd., commented that the company would strengthen Zoomlion Group's capital management and improve the efficiency of fund utilization. She said it would also provide Zoomlion Group member units with high-quality, comprehensive, and personalized financial services, as well as carry out centralized management of funds, financial settlement, financing, financial services, and other functions with the aim of becoming a competitive manufacturing financing company. The company will also do everything possible to boost the strategic transformation and global expansion of Zoomlion and provide financial support to the development of the construction machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery, and heavy truck business sectors.

"The Finance Company's overall strategic objective is to become a fund management and financial investment holding platform for Zoomlion Group. In the future, the Finance Company's business scope will be extended to financial bonds, and it hopes to expand into multiple business areas of financial institutions, including engaging in equity and securities investment and issuing financial bonds. By 2017, the Finance Company will have developed into a global center of intensive fund management, financial integration services, and production and financing profits for Zoomlion Group. It will also turn financial services into one of Zoomlion Group's pillar industries,"Du Yigang said.